Turnstile transition v2.0

Mark Monster kiddingly commented on my last post that a continuum transition in combination with the turnstile, would be awesome.

As I always take things like feedback drop dead serious (not really, just thought it was a good idea), I decided to give it a go.

Like any good developer, my quest began with a bing search, which lead me to this post;


I have integrated Ben’s solution into the toolkit and completely rewrote the rest to make it fit with the turnstile transition.

End result is;

It turned out rather nice, I think Glimlach

You can label items for Continuum animation with the attached property ItemContinuumMode from the ItemTurnstileTransition class, like so;

ItemTurnstileTransition.SetItemContinuumMode(someElement as UIElement, ContinuumModeEnum.ForwardOutBackwardIn);

or in XAML, like so;

<Button BorderThickness="0" krempel:ItemTurnstileTransition.ItemContinuumMode="BackwardIn" krempel:ItemTurnstileTransition.IsTurnstileItem="True" Height="173" Width="346" Background="{StaticResource PhoneAccentBrush}" Click="Button_Click" />

I have also made some small adjustments to the previous turnstile. You can now set the IsSelected attached property, so that the item is delayed in turnstiling. Hope you enjoy it!

Source can be found here and the NuGet package here.

Let me know what you think in the comments!


~ by Matthijs Krempel on May 14, 2012.

10 Responses to “Turnstile transition v2.0”

  1. Good work! I will try to integrate it in the Read Better app, see if that’s possible. Thanks!

  2. I am the Dev for BlackLight’s London Travel Live and Currency Converter Pro. This is great. I’d love to integrate this too.

    You should definately check out City Travel London (One of my competitors but good none the less). Their selected item animates in the same direction as the rest of the tiles but is the last one to exit. I personally think this flows a little better (Maybe make it an option).

  3. Hi Matthijs,
    That transition looks great! I’m glad my code helped 🙂
    I also took a quick look at the rest of your project and I’m quite excited to try out a few other controls.
    Keep up the good work!

  4. […] Read original post by Matthijs Krempel at the Windows Phone 7 Developer Blog […]

  5. Hi Matthijs,
    very good work. Is there a way to slow down the transition duration for the turnstile transition? It seems to be very fast on my device, so it is almost not recognizable.
    Thanks for your great effort.

  6. Hello Sir/Mam
    Is there any way to detect object on hold event of webbrowser control?


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